Unlock the true potential of your game development journey with expert guidance. Game design and structure often go unnoticed and unappreciated, leading countless groups to failure. Don't let your team suffer from lack of leadership, direction, or a clear vision for the future.

Let me be your guiding light. Whether you're at the prototype stage or just getting started, I possess the expertise to prepare your group, company, or team for a prosperous future. As a co-owner of a successful indie studio, I have not only released multiple games but also empowered numerous teams and companies to establish a solid foundation for their own projects, resulting in successful game launches.

What sets me apart is my unwavering commitment. I don't treat your game idea or team as just another client. I'm here for the long haul, providing ongoing advice and assistance whenever you need it. As a trusted consultant to several groups, I consistently steer them towards their goals and keep them on the right path.

Elevate your game development potential and let me help you create a bright future with a firm foundation.

Years of experience



Released games


Indie devs helped



Video Game Design

I specialize in designing video games, creating engaging gameplay mechanics, and crafting immersive worlds for players to explore.


Marketing Consultation

I provide marketing consultation services to help indie developers and companies effectively promote their games, reach their target audience, and increase visibility in the competitive gaming industry.


Team Management

I offer team management expertise, assisting developers in building and leading efficient and collaborative teams. I help ensure smooth project execution, effective communication, and timely delivery of high-quality games.


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