Consultant to indie devs, with a demonstrated history in the video game industry. Skilled in Group management, Game design, Leadership, Marketing, and B2B relations. Add me on Discord: zebrakiller

As a dedicated gamer since childhood, I long for the days when games were truly captivating and enjoyable. It's disheartening to see so many multi-billion dollar companies prioritize profit over innovation, stifling the creativity that once made the industry so vibrant. I firmly believe that prioritizing fun over profit is the key to creating truly great games.

My passion lies in crafting exceptional games, and I'm deeply committed to sharing my knowledge and experience with others. Thanks to my time with Big Red Planet, I've gained valuable insights and skills that I'm eager to pass on to others in the industry.

Richard Zemore standing next to a statue of falloutboy at E3
Richard Zemore standing next to a statue of falloutboy at E3

Zemore Design and Consulting

Discord: zebrakiller

Recent games Portfolio

One More Night

One More Night is a 4 player, action-packed, top-down shooter. Players fight enemies by night and build and prepare by daylight. The goal is to survive as many nights as possible. Players earn XP and money to buy new skills, buildings, defences, and power-ups.

Featured at the Los Angeles County Fair: E-sports Gaming world, UC San Diego's Winter GameFest, and the Triton Gaming Expo!


An expansive open-world RPG that combines the best elements of MMORPGs with a rewarding single-player experience. Venture into epic quests, unravel hidden sub-plots and engage in thrilling loot-grinding adventures. Interact with simulated players who bring the world to life, adding depth and excitement to your journey.

Planet Bash

Planet Bash is an action packed arcade game where the player plays as the moon whose goal is to save the earth from the pesky humans. You spin around the planet, smashing into it to kill the humans, thus saving the planet from their destruction. Gain power-ups and unleash hell while trying to stay alive.

Planet Bash started as a Ludum Dare game before being published by Big Red Planet. Featured at the Los Angeles County Fair: E-sports Gaming world, UC San Diego's Winter GameFest, and the Triton Gaming Expo!

1-4 player coop fantasy FPS that puts you in the underfunded and over-zealous steel boots of the City Watch. Kick down doors, bust criminals and cause excessive property damage as you fight to restore law and order to the corrupt city of New Alestead.

a video game with a bunch of people in armora video game with a bunch of people in armor
Order of the Elements

Order of the Elements is an Early Access modern take on a MMO with old-school values. Great graphics, minimal hand-holding, challenging difficulty, sense of accomplishment.

Order of the elements is currently only available as an early preview demo.

The Fall of Aether Station

Customize your Ships, Upgrade your fleet, and Command your way to victory in this ruthless rogue-lite tower defense game. Fight increasingly difficult hordes of aliens as you adapt to challenging new battlefields designed to test the most strategic mind. Do you have what it takes to persevere?

How can I help you make great games?

  • Operations management

  • Strategy & organization

  • Team management​​

  • Press kit building

  • Press releases

  • Branding

  • GDD review

  • Game design

  • Business coaching

  • Media and marketing training

  • Discord setup and management

"Richard has been extremely helpful in the development of Erenshor and specifically in its marketing strategies. Richard actively looks for new ways to expose the game to would-be fans and works tirelessly to ensure that the project gets the attention that we all feel it deserves.
From setting up and managing a discord community, to building press-kits and drafting press releases, Richard has brought more value to the Burgee Media team than we could have imagined.
Richard not only sets aside ample time each week to dedicate to the project, to consult on its design, and to give feedback on his many hours of playtesting, but he's also always willing to jump on a call to discuss things in person and answer questions in real time.
For a new indie dev trying to make his place in the market, or for a seasoned veteran who just never could get a grasp (or had a desire to HAVE a grasp) on marketing, Richard is a resource that can solve a lot of problems you never knew you had."
- Brian
Burgee Media, LLC
"If you're an indie game developer seeking a mentor, advisor, and unmatched support in the industry, I wholeheartedly recommend Richard. I can confidently say that his knowledge and experience in the field of video games are simply great.
I was pleasantly surprised by the way he guided me through the industry's basics, providing me with a clear and concise understanding of the essential elements I needed to grasp.
His ability to offer ideas and effective techniques on how to pitch and market my game. He taught me the art of pitching and how to effectively communicate the essence and unique value proposition of my game to potential investors and publishers. His advice and strategies helped me refine my approach and stand out from the crowd."
- Matt M. Dufrene


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